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Venezuela Map Official Name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Capital: Caracas
Surface: 912.050 km²
Population: 24.654.694 inhab. (aprox. until 2002)
Language: Spanish.
Religion: Catholic, Protestant, among others.
Currency: Bolivar.
Main Cities: Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, Valencia, Maracay, Puerto La Cruz, Cumaná, San Cristóbal, Amuay.
Country Code: 58

Venezuela has a natural beauty with a tropical climate and dramatic contrasts.   It is located in the northern part of South America and is made up of 23 states, a Federal District and Federal Dependencies.
The country has marvellous and diverse sites to visit with different geographies that include exuberant tropical jungles.  The country has waterfalls and rivers in the Gran Sabana, paradise islands in the Caribbean Sea with surprising snow capped mountains in the Andes, beautiful beaches, mountains and important values with immense diversity of flora and fauna.
Venezuela has cities which are full of life.  In the west you have Maracaibo (oil capital), Barquisimeto (the city of twilight), Mérida (a tourist and student center), San Cristóbal, Valencia and Maracay.  In the eastern part of the country you can find Maturin, Puerto La Cruz (tourist and oil center) and El Tigre.   To the south there is Ciudad Bolivar and Ciudad Guayana.
The capital, Caracas, is the most populated city and the country’s political and economic center.  Puerto de la Guaira is close to the coast but with a height of over 800 meters giving the area a very nice climate.  The city was founded in 1565 and currently has splendid commercial centers, many parks, squares, monuments and historic sites, religious temples, museums, theatres, among other architectural, cultural and historic richness that beautifies the city.
In the center of the country with great extensions, there are many plains of singular beauty and with extraordinary fauna, without forgetting about its deserts and dunes.
One of the most interesting outings is at the Médanos de Coro in the western part of the island.
Towards the west a visitor may find the Andean States like: Mérida, Trujillo and Táchira.  Three states with nice climates, where its true tourism attractions are found in its beautiful national parks.  Its mountains, plateaus and lagoons constitute an appropriate scenario for the conservation of the environment.   Snow caped Venezuelan Andes mountain range, especially the ones located at the Sierra Nevada National Park with its El Pico Espejo measuring 4, 675 meters high; whose telephone line is the largest in the world.  The highest peaks of the park which is always covered with snow are: Pico Bolivar (5,007 meters) and Pico Humboldt (4,942 meters). 
One of the most interesting regions in Venezuela, without a doubt is the state of Amazonas, whose capital is Puerto de Ayacucho.   The Amazon has a great diversity of natural resources not found in any part of the world. It has four National Parks, 18 National Monuments, one Biosphere Reserve and a Hydrographical Protection Basin.
Venezuela has marvellous beaches, in particular in the eastern part of the country like Medina, Colorada among others. Other great beaches are located in Islas Margarita and the Coche for example and the central western area with Morrocoy, Tucacas, Cata and Choriní.
North of Caracas, in the Caribbean Sea you can find the Archipelago of Los Roques which has incredible beaches.
The Isla de Margarita is one of the most interesting tourism destinations in all of the Caribbean.  In addition to having attractive and beautiful areas, it includes the tradition of its picturesque towns with the luxury, fun and comfort of modernity.
This area also has attractive colonial and historic areas, beautiful beaches, restaurants and an important hotel network.  Pampatar is one of the oldest cities on the island and its main city.
The Isla de Coche is inhabited by nice and peaceful people and is located south of Margarita.  Its height is approximately 60 meters above sea level.  The island belongs to the municipality of Villalba and its capital is San Pedro de Coche.  Despite being an island full of history it is one of the tourism spots less explored by man. It includes hotels that has respected natural equilibrium and has taking advantage of the kindness that the Caribbean Sea offers.  One of its major attractions is the long coastal area where a vacationer can find a countless number of beaches with different characteristics and for all types of tastes.

Islas Margarita

The Isla de Margarita is located in the Caribbean Sea northeast of Caracas.  Made up of three islands: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua and belongs to the Nueva Esparta state with a surface of 1, 150 km2.
To Visit Margarita is simply to enter paradise.  It’s an inescapable destination to enjoy, rest and have fun.   Its landscapes, folklore, nice tropical climate, warm working people and a 168 kilometre coast with beautiful beaches have been known as the “Pearl of the Caribbean”.  Internationally famous for the quality of the of its beaches like: Playa de Agua, Paaguachi, Manzanillo, among others that offer excellent opportunities for water sports like snorkeling, scuba and windsurf.
Its beautiful towns, museums, historic monuments, amusement parks, churches are some of the beautiful places where a vacationer can visit once in Margarita.   There you will not only enjoy the impressive constructions but also admire the most spectacular landscapes.  You can visit the Galera Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Valle del Espirito Santo, the Castillo de la Asunción or the Fortín de Juan Griego.  If this was not enough, the region has a first rate hotel industry, first rate restaurants, cafés and bars for all tastes as well as a duty free zone where you can shop.

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