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Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago Map Zoom Map Official Name: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Capital: Port of Spain.
Surface: 5.128 km²; 4,828 km² (Trinidad); 300km² (Tobago).
Population: 1.169.682inhabitants. (approximate until 2002).
Language: English (official language), Hindi, French.
Religion: Catholic, Hindu, Anglican, Presbyterian, among others.
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar.
Main Cities: San Fernando, Arima, Point Fortin, Chaguadas (Trinidad); Roxborough, Charlotteville (Tobago).
Otras Islas: Monos, Huevos, Chacachacare and Gasparee.
Country Code: 868

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are separate some 11 kilometers from the Venezuelan coasts by the Gulf of Paria and close the meridian arch of the Antilles.
Trinidad is located in front of the Orinoco Delta and is the largest island, while smaller Tobago has a smaller dimension than Trinidad, but is still larger than the rest of the island that make up the territory.
As in the case of other Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Tobago’s first inhabitants were Arawak and Caribe Indians.  Years of European domination and the immigration of black slaves and Hindu workers have given these region diverse characteristics.
You can find manifestations of ancestral traditions, contemporary life styles, Hindu bazaars, religious centers and festivities.
Its capital is Port of Spain where the main political events take place in the country. You may find in city’s colonial section, the Independence Square; the Inmaculada Concepcion Cathedral built in 1832; with fortresses like Chacon and Picton, with impressive architecture among other historic and cultural values.
Towards the south, just one hour from the capital, you will meet the region’s main industrial area San Fernando;  then there is Point a Pierre Wild Fowl Trust, a natural reserve with a variety of wild species; the small fishing town of Erin with its impressive beaches like Port Grande and the Los Iros.  Towards the north some 16 kilometres from Port Spain, you will find Lopinot Complex made up by the towns of Siree, La Pastora and Lopinot where old coffee and cacao plantations were found.  Ft. George is recognized by its architectural characteristics and his precious scenes.
Among some of the other attractions in Trinidad is a cumulus of forests and waterfalls in the Asa Wright Natural Center; Arima for its part, conserves the pre-Colombian characteristics of its architecture. Other important points in the region are: Valencia, popular for surfers and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, which is a bird reserve that could be toured by vessel.
Among its most important beaches is Tyrico Bay, favourite among those that love to surf, while Maracas Bay is good and more peaceful stance in the sand lagoon.  The Cuevas Bay is a sandy beach with a number of underground caves around the coast.  Towards the northwest you can find Chagville, a beach located in Chaguaramos.
The island of Tobago on its part is linked to the traditional fishing population.  History and the current political life unite them and the happiness of its people is evident during the time of carnivals when they can all dance to the rhythm of calypso. Tobago is smaller and is located 35 kilometres northeast of Trinidad, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  Scarborough is its capital and there are a variety of offers for those that want to rest.
In the rest of the island you can find true beauties like: Mount Saint George, whose coast offers a beautiful view of the sea; Fort Granby with a beautiful black sand beach; King Bay´s waterfalls which fall on a fresh water pool with excellent beaches in its surroundings; Chrarlotteville with its Man of War Bay and Lover´s Beaches, both with pink sand; Flagstaff Hill, the highest point of the island; the coral reef of Bucoo Reef and the Pigeon Point and Turtle Bay beaches.
A group of options are offered on these two islands, where a visitor can select their favourite hotel, restaurants, commercial centers, bars and an infinite number of options for enjoyment and rest.

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