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Jamaica Map Zoom Map Official Name: Jamaica.
Capital: Kingston.
Surface: 10.991 km²
Population: 2.680.029 inhabitants. (Approximate until 2002).
Language: English, Creole or Jamaican Patois.
Religion: Catholic, Protestant, Judaism, Rastafarian, among others.
Currency: Jamaican Dollar.
Main Cities: Montego Bay, Spanish Town, Ocho Rios, Negril, Mandeville, Port Antonio.
Country Code: 876.

Nature’s wish got together to beautify an island such as Jamaica. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Antilles.  A mountain range occupies two thirds of the territory and crosses from east to west.  Its highest point is found in the east with Blue Mountain Peak with 2.256 meters high.
Once a Spanish colony, Jamaica was under British mandate since 1655 until 1962 when it obtained its independence.  Since its colonization, this island’s people have a mixture of different races, from here the national slogan “out of many, one people”.  This heterogeneity is reflected not only in the diversity of its customs and traditions, but has also caused effects in its cultural and religious manifestations.  Rastafarians for example, more than a religion it is more a philosophy of life.  Music is one of its main effects and from there; reggae, a mixture of various rhythms and its main promoter Bob Marley.
Xaymaca “land of the forests and water” is how the Indian Arawaks baptized this area over 500 years ago, it is also known as the island of the waterfalls with lustful vegetation.  And it is that, contrary to what many may say, the island’s landscape is much more than beaches.  Jamaica is a very mountainous nation, its physical beauty and diversity turns it into a destination that attracts visitors from many parts of the world.  A trip to Jamaica can include a trip on canoe or raft, horseback riding, motorcycle ride through the mountains, navigation, among many more activities within a tourism atmosphere which offers this gorgeous island nation for all tastes and prices.
Jamaica is made up of 13 districts.  Towards the south, at the foot of Blue Mountains is Kingston, the capital and it’s the unquestionable economic and political center as well as the most cosmopolitan which was founded in 1692.  Its streets conserve the bustle of a port city, with an enormous outdoor bazaar; where you can also find important museums and art galleries.  Among the most important sites are the National Dance Theater, the National Art Gallery, and Henry Morgan Pirate Fortress; or admire the fascinating memories of the Bob Marley Museum.  The city offers its attractions combined with its hotels, restaurants and stores, in addition to being an ideal place for a business or incentive trip.
Kingston offers an excellent opportunity to tour the legendary towns in the southern coast.  Port Royal is a famous pirate center where a visitor can enjoy the incredible legends and Spanish Town, the only Spanish city that Jamaica conserves.  Mandeville is the island’s largest mountainous city and the fifth urban center.  The city was founded in 1816 by the British and still conserves the original structures of the time.
To the northwest we have Montego Bay, Mo Bay as the locals call it.  It is the second most important city in the country and the tourism capital per excellence.  Here you can find the largest number of hotels and restaurants.  You can enjoy exuberant nature and kilometers of coasts where you can practice all sorts of water sports, its most famous beach is Doctor’s Cave.  You can travel on the Appleton Express in a trip that will last a whole day touring over 60 km.
In the center of the city you can visit The Cage, a prison that dates back to the 18th century for slaves and fugitive marines; the beautiful St. James Parish and Great House.
Ocho Rios, Negril and Port Antonio, each with its unique charm, make up the island’s main tourism attractions.
Ocho Rios has among its attractive landscapes the Rio Dunn’s waterfalls that have an altitude of 183 meters high and you can climb its rocks and swim in the fresh water lagoon.  Negril is located in the extreme western part of the island, and it represents the best area for those that want to just rest and relax.  With 11 kilometers of beaches and turned into exclusive health resort, it has the most outstanding regions in the Caribbean, full of elegant cafes and Mediterranean style constructions.  In Port Antonio, water lovers can select among a cold swim in Somerset Falls, snorkel or with a tank and swim in Blue Lagoon.  Another option is a trip in a raft or joins the celebrations of Blue Lagoon Celebrity and Beach Party which is held twice a week.

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